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Get involved in the Twin Falls outdoor community!

The outdoor community in Twin Falls is expanding but there are still gaps for those who are interested to get involved. We have compiled a list for you of ways to meet people, progress your knowledge, and help promote the community!

Join a Facebook Forum

There are many different forums on Facebook for different outdoor communities in different locations. For example, Southern Idaho Climbing and Idaho Hiking and Backpacking are a few popular ones for this area. You can post any questions you have about current conditions, different areas to recreate, and if you're looking for friends and partners to go with.

Check out the CSI Outdoor Recreation Program

The College of Southern Idaho has a great Outdoor Recreation Program that organizes classes, meetups, and events for the community. You can take more in depth courses on specific outdoor skills that even count for college credit, or attend popular events such as the Gym to Crag class that cover an overview of skills in just a few hours. Whatever your interest, these classes are informative, affordable, and they generally provide all the gear you need! You are guaranteed to meet people and learn new skills. You can find their scheduled events either through Instagram (@csioutdoors), Facebook, or their website

Check out our Events Calendar

We don't just provide the gear, we also want to build our local outdoor community! At the Gear Exchange we host free clinics and events with the sole purpose of helping you achieve your outdoor goals. In the past we have held movie showings, introductory rock climbing clinics, and events featuring guest speakers covering a wide range of topics and skills. Visit our Events page to see any current events we have scheduled.

Call, Message, or Visit the Gear Exchange

We get lots of traffic from climbers, kayakers, skiers, etc., and can hook you up with gear, partners, and local outdoor sweet spots!

Go Outside!

We are lucky to be a short distance from so many outdoor recreational areas. We have a local climbing gym, crags in the Snake River Canyon, rivers, and ski resorts or areas for backcountry skiing. You'll be sure to run into new people and pick up more partners along the way.

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